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About Dr. Bulengo

About Dr. Bulengo


About Dr. Stella BulengoRE-JUV® Skin MD founder,  Stella Bulengo,MD, FAAD, FASDP is a US trained, board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, with over 30 years of experience specializing in diseases of the skin, hair, nails, skin cancer and Ethnic skin. Her compassionate, caring disposition makes her one of the most sought out specialists in the field.

Dr. Bulengo has an extensive background which includes clinical research in skin of color. She has contributed to several publications in renowned journals and is co-author of a book chapter in Dermatology for Skin of Color, 2nd ed. She is a recipient of honors and awards: The Presidential Acknowledgement and Gold Leader Volunteerism Award from the Academy of Dermatology for her voluntary work in skin cancer prevention and detection in her community, Athens, GA free clinic and charity work in Tanzania. She has appeared on national media (TV), Dermatology World (volunteer work) and news outlets as an expert in skin of color, hair loss and creating awareness on early skin cancer detection.

Dr. Bulengo is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society of Dermatopathology and a member of other professional societies.  In the past, she has been an assistant clinical professor and has served on several Boards. She is a member of other state and national societies.  

Dr. Bulengo earned her undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she also completed her dermatology residency.  Her internship was at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio and her Dermatopathology Fellowship at Medical University of South Carolina. 

She has contributed to clinical research studies addressing major concerns in skin of color including hyperpigmentation from inflammation, melasma, dark spots and sun spots. She has also published on other skin and hair disorders. 

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Dr. Bulengo currently enjoys spending time with her family and part of her time travels to cover clinics that need a part-time dermatologist. She also works as a medical consultant, mentors medical students and dedicates time to research high-quality, plant-based skin care formulations.


  • My dream to create REJUV® SKIN MD products began several years ago as I meditated on the white sands of Zanzibar and watched and listened to the sound of the waves and felt the calm breeze. I told my mother and role model my desire was to provide a natural skincare product to help address skin of color problems and for every person to have healthy, age-defying skin. My mother encouraged me. Both she and my grandmother had ageless skin and used natural East African skincare products.
  • Having parents who were great role models and supportive was a blessing. My journey to forming REJUV, LLC/REJUV® SKIN MD Skincare began after my desire to become a dermatologist.  At a young age, I shadowed my late father, an outstanding, compassionate, dedicated physician and my role model. I recall feeling empathy for patients with disfiguring skin disorders and told my parents that I wanted to be a skin doctor to help heal people with skin disorders.  My father told me, dermatologists, take care of patients with skin problems, and that is when I knew I wanted to be a dermatologist (women dermatologists were few and rare, Ethnic dermatologists even rarer). Having an extraordinary mother, a pioneer and supporter was empowering.  I am also thankful for my great dermatology mentors.
  • Skin research experience: To get a better understanding of skin function. Throughout undergraduate and medical school I volunteered as a lab technician in a dermatology lab at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and studied skin cells in anti-aging and psoriasis and their response to Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids/Retin A) treatments. This led to a scientific publication on Psoriasis that contributed to understanding pathways and the current biologic treatments.
  • From my experience, as a teen dealing with facial acne; dark spots, and blemishes were a frustrating reality. I saw dermatologists and most treatments were harsh on the skin. Throughout my medical training, I saw the gaps in treatments for skin of color. This inspired me to find solutions to address hyperpigmentation and other problems common to ethnic skin.
  • Clinical research experience in African American skin, skin of color (Asian, Hispanic, African/African American, Native American):  During dermatology residency, I did clinical research studies addressing the major concerns in skin of color (SOC): hyperpigmentation from inflammation, melasma, dark spots, and sunspots. Results of the research studies in collaboration with other authors were published in prestigious medical journals and helped include SOC patients in acne treatments by providing special use instructions to avoid irritation. At this point, I knew I wanted to explore formulations that were non-irritating, safe and natural for all skin types.
  • East African background: The natural plant-based formulations are influenced by my East African background. Coconut oil, ginger, fruits, aloe, moringa leaf, and other plants are used as remedies. To learn more about plant-based treatments, during a vacation to visit my parents and a mission trip, my mother introduced me to a nun who was a trained naturalist on botanical remedies for various systemic and skin disorders. The knowledge I gained influenced me to make REJUV® SKIN MD Skincare become a reality 2 decades later.
  • REJUV® SKIN MD Skincare was founded with the knowledge I wanted a skincare collection with formulations that are research-backed, high-quality, and plant-based with all-natural ingredients. Products that are non-irritating, simple to use, and effective in promoting radiant, glowing, age-less skin, generational, for all skin types, addressing skin of color skincare. My passion is for everyone to experience age-defying, radiant, healthy skin. Taking care of your skin should be simple. I developed RE-JUV® Skin MD Brightening Duo- A simple 2-Step skincare routine to produce radiant, age-defying skin suitable and inclusive of all skin types. 
    My children, family, friends and I use REJUV® SKIN MD Skincare and enjoy the benefits and compliments. Join the RE-JUV SKIN MD family.


Thank you.

Stella Bulengo, MD, FAAD, FASDP, founder of RE-JUV, LLC/REJUV® SKIN MD Skincare

DONATIONS: We believe in giving back and donating to the following causes: impoverished children/orphans at home and globally, Children's cancer research, Education, Clean water projects in developing countries and the Food Bank.