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Ingredients to Avoid in Moisturizing Hand Soaps - A Dermatologist's Guide

By :STELLA BULENGO MD 0 comments
Ingredients to Avoid in Moisturizing Hand Soaps - A Dermatologist's Guide

In recent times, with health and sanitation becoming paramount, handwashing has emerged as one of our frontline defenses. This habitual cleansing, though undoubtedly beneficial, has side effects - primarily, the incessant drying of our hands.

For professionals like healthcare workers, parents, and teachers, or individuals managing specific medical conditions, this drying can be more pronounced. Frequent handwashing, essential as it is, can compromise the skin's natural barrier, leading to dryness and even painful cracks. Herein lies the importance of choosing the right moisturizing hand soap.

Key Ingredients for Optimal Moisturization

When seeking a hand soap that both cleanses and moisturizes, it's crucial to look for products formulated with natural ingredients. Seek organic or formulated with natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, goat milk, and ceramides. Some beneficial components include:

Organic or Natural Ingredients: For instance, coconut oil and goat milk both possess hydrating properties, and ceramides help restore the skin's barrier.

Fragrance-free: Opt for soaps without added fragrances. Remember, 'fragrance-free' implies no additional scents, while 'unscented' might indicate the presence of chemicals to mask the soap's inherent odor.

Paraben-free: Parabens, used as preservatives in many cosmetic products, can be irritants, especially for sensitive skin types.

Ingredients to Approach with Caution

Conversely, some ingredients, though common, may not be suitable for everyone:

  • Parabens: These are chemicals used to preserve the soap and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast in beauty products.
  • Formaldehyde
  • Synthetic Fragrances and Colors: These can be potential allergens.
  • Triclosan: Once popular as an antibacterial, it was banned by the FDA from soaps in 2016 due to concerns about its safety and efficacy.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS): known as SLS is the ingredient that makes the soap lather. According to EWG’s Cosmetic Database it is highly toxic. There is a high concern for irritation of the skin, eyes and lungs and moderate concern for organ system toxicity.
  • Propylene Glycol: This can be an irritant for some people.

Highly Recommended Moisturizing Hand Soaps

Several brands and products stand out for their moisturizing properties:

  • Vanicream soap or Vanicream Gentle cleanser
  • Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar or cleanser
  • Oilatum Skin Bar Soap
  • CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash & Soap
  • Basis Sensitive Skin Soap
  • La Roche-Posay Lipikar Wash AP+ Moisturizing Body & Face Wash
  • Aveeno Skin Relief Unscented Body Wash for Sensitive Skin & Soap
  • Goat milk soap: if allergic to above soaps and have eczema.

In Conclusion

Proper hand hygiene doesn't mean compromising the health of your skin. With the right products, you can maintain both cleanliness, hygiene and skin integrity. To maintain skin integrity using a hydrating moisturizer after handwashing is recommended.

As we place emphasis on hand care, let's also focus on overall skin health.

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